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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the vinyl LPs play music on a record player?
    No, they do not. They are for decorative purposes only. But, you could hum a tune while gazing at them in their glowing glory! 🙃
  • Does the Bruno prophecy tablet "glow" like in the movie?
    No, it doesn't "glow" per se as it does not include any lighting sources. However the acrylic we use to make this fantastic replica has its own natural translucency that makes it refract the light and give off a ethereal glow! Spooky! Looks really cool!
  • Can I swim wearing the Ariel shells? Can they get wet?
    Sure! You absolutely can! Many of our customers do! However, we do not guarantee that you won't loose a gem stone or pearl now and then. Longevity depends on how the shells are cared for in and out of the water. Also, keep in mind that chlorine may have a corrosive effect on the paint, so we suggest using caution when using them in the pool, and limit time in the water. Also, be sure to rinse them off and pat dry afterwards.
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